Partnership with Visor Finance - What it means for Tracer DAO

Generating more liquidity on the secondary markets


We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Visor Finance. Here’s what it means for Tracer DAO:

The What:

The Tracer DAO treasury is pursuing liquidity provisioning to the TCR-ETH pair on Uniswap v3 for both Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum.

Tracer will have Visor Finance oversee the pools as they are a Uniswap v3 active manager with a committed focus on liquidity provisioning strategies to ensure the liquidity position is 'in-range' and maximises capital efficiency. This will be executed by supplying the liquidity for both pools using its treasury funds to a Position Management Hypervisor.

Right now, Visor Finance manages over 20 pairs on Uniswap v3; and provide an infrastructure for protocols to utilise their own treasury to provide liquidity, while simultaneously generating yield.

This treasury management service is targeted, effective and expeditious in catering to the individual needs of the protocols serviced by Visor Finance, with the additional feature of co-management.

Tracer DAO's aim for deeper liquidity of TCR will then enable more active governors to join the protocol with a reduced barrier to entry.

The Why:

Slippage on Sushiswap (both on Mainnent and Arbitrum) is noticeably high because of the lack of liquidity. This slippage means people can't easily purchase TCR tokens to effectively govern the way that they trade.

We understood and anticipated this as a probability; and this is our solution. If you were to, for example, look at a trade of around ~$3,000 USD, you’ll see that it’ll suffer an approximate 2% slippage on Mainnet; and a bit more on Arbitrum.

This means that it’s imperative that we work to increase the liquidity for the TCR-ETH trading pair.

This is where Visor Finance comes in; and our partnership will provide a bulwark against this slippage, while generating liquidity.

What’s Next?

Tracer’s all about forging ahead with innovative thinking and action. Our partnership with Visor Finance will address the urgent need for trading liquidity on the secondary markets. The capital efficiency of Uniswap v3 makes it possible for Tracer to provide that liquidity with our own treasury funds.

This is a cost saving move that eliminates the need for liquidity mining rewards for TCR, in addition to, of course, generating extra yield for the treasury.

You can read more about Visor Finance here:

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