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Tracer’s $25k Testnet Trading Competition

Put your investing prowess to the test & provide UX feedback for the chance to win TCR prizes

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**The Trading Competition has CLOSED **


3rdSusie Ferguson

Top 54

PlasmaFarmerhyyyppoTiersasuyixingfcxvcvAaronsHelen JennyStanley Pollitt
dang986lcuihutJordan1023Robert84Madeline BridgesClare Michelsonnfuvwii
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What: Trading and UI/UX feedback competition on Perpetual Pools V2 (testnet)

Prizes: $25k+ in TCR

Starts: 6th April 7:00pm UTC

Ends: 16th April 7:00pm UTC

Where: Arbitrum Rinkeby Testnet

How to Enter: Join the Tracer Discord and navigate to the Trading Competition “start-here” channel for detailed instructions.


User Docs:

Tracer community, it’s time to get involved.

The Perpetual Pools V2 contracts are almost ready for deployment on Arbitrum mainnet. Now is the time for rigorous testing, and we want feedback from those who matter most - the community.

On Wednesday 6th April at 7:00pm UTC, we will launch a public beta on Arbitrum Rinkeby. This V2 testnet launch isn’t just a chance to give the community early access while getting some valuable UI/UX feedback and product performance data - it is a chance for you to battle it out for $25,000 USD (paid in TCR) over a 10 day trading competition. To learn more about Tracer's Perpetual Pools V2 - read more here.

How to Participate

Start by joining the Tracer Discord. Navigate to the start-here channel under V2 TESTNET & TRADING COMP for step-by-step instructions on how to claim testnet tokens (PPUSD) and testnet ETH once the competition commences. Each participant will be sent 10,000 PPUSD (Perpetual Pools USD) and 0.005 testnet ETH via the Tracer Discord claim bot.

If you are unfamiliar with using Arbitrum Rinkeby or other testnets - we strongly recommend you read this guide.

You can find a comprehensive guide to minting and burning pool tokens here.

Trading Competition Prizes

PlaceUSD prize (paid in TCR)
1 - 5$15,000 weighted by total profit*
6 - 55*$100 each

*see competition terms and conditions for more details

Qualifying for the Trading Competition

In order to be eligible to win any trading competition prizes you must either provide:

a) Feedback on, or report a bug found on the existing User Interface via Usersnap (see left hand side of interface).

b) Broader User Experience improvement proposals via this Typeform.

To ensure your eligibility in the trading competition, it is very important that you include the wallet address you have used during the competition in any feedback provided.

Our interfaces and contracts are very much still works-in-progress; hence we appreciate your assistance and patience when reporting any bugs, messy features or strange interactions you encounter.

Prizes for Providing Feedback

$5,000 TCR will be granted to participants who provide UX improvement proposals and UI bug reporting. Additionally, all participants who provide meaningful feedback will be added to an exclusive early-access list to help with future user testing initiatives. The breakdown of this $5,000 TCR is listed below:

1. User Experience Improvement Proposal Bounty

3 x $1000 in TCR to be awarded to the 3 most helpful, impactful or detailed UX improvement proposal submissions provided via this form.

2. User Interface Bug Bounty Prizes

$2000 in TCR to be shared by the first reporters of each unique UI bug submitted via Usersnap.

3. Mystery Prize

A super secret, limited edition 1 of 1 Tracer NFT will be awarded to [REDACTED] who provides the [REDACTED] UI/UX feedback.

4. Smart Contract Bug Bounty

The bug bounty will follow the same rules as the production bug bounty hosted on Immunifi. There will be rewards of up to $1 million for critical security bugs found within the Perpetual Pools V2 smart contracts. The contracts in scope will be announced via Discord once the competition begins. Security bugs may be submitted to Please reach out to the team on Discord if you have any questions.

Next steps

Once you’ve joined the Discord, claimed your test tokens and understood the competition details, we suggest you read the latest user docs. To stay up-to-date with further announcements regarding the trading competition, follow Tracer on Twitter and come hang out in the Discord. Finally, check out the leaderboard to find your standings in the competition any time (Leaderboard COMING SOON).

Competition Terms & Conditions:

Profit Calculation

The competition ranking will be based on participants P&L, which will be based on realized gains and losses. Participants must remember to commence the burning of all of their positions back to PPUSD before the competition concludes at 7:00PM UTC on 16th April. We will take a snapshot of all trader positions after the front-running interval (8 hours) has completed post the conclusion of the competition. During the competition, the leaderboard updates will utilize unrealized gains and losses to provide a more accurate depiction of standings.

Trading Competition Prize Allocation

Each of the Top 5 will receive a proportion of the 15,000 USD paid in TCR based on the amount of profit they earned as a share of the total realized profit of the Top 5. Trading Comp Calculation.png

The next 50 place getters will all receive $100 USD paid in TCR for their efforts (provided they have earned a positive profit).

Bug Bounty Prize Allocation

Each time a unique bug is reported, the first user to report this bug will receive a portion of the $2000 depending on how many other unique bugs are reported. The calculation can be found here: UX Calulation.png


Read the following rules carefully. The Tracer team reserves the right to withhold prizes from participants who are caught attempting to game the system through anti-competitive behaviour.

To ensure you don’t get disqualified:

  1. Use a wallet address with no transactions prior to claiming test tokens.
  2. Provide at least one piece of valid feedback via Usersnap (see left hand side of interface) or Typeform and provide your testnet wallet address in the required field. Feedback reports which clearly lack any effort will not be considered as valid submissions for eligibility in the competition.
  3. Do not interact with any other contracts or addresses except for the Tracer contracts & ETH faucets.
  4. Claim testnet USD (called PPUSD) from our token faucet only once.
  5. Do not send or receive Pool Tokens or testnet tokens (PPUSD) to or from any other address. If you receive tokens from another party during the competition, please reach out to the team via Discord so that you can surrender the tokens and continue to be eligible for prizes.

Tracer Perpetual Pools V1 is currently live on Arbitrum One. Fully fungible, leveraged tokens for the DeFi economy, with no margin requirements and no liquidations.Read more

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