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Perpetual Pools V2: The Tracer Voyage

Learn and earn your way through the newest unlock in DeFi


The Tracer Voyage: setting sail towards Perpetual Pools V2

The Tracer Voyage has officially commenced! Jump into our dApp now and start trading the first ever long-term leveraged tokens in DeFi on Arbitrum mainnet. Find the Voyage Week 1 article here.

Our journey begins with the exploration of the core value of V2: the creation of long-term leveraged tokens which can never be liquidated.

Our two markets which let us explore this concept are live now!

  • 3x ETH/USD settled in USDC
  • 3x BTC/USD settled in USDC

Learn how to get started with Tracer’s Perpetual Pools with our guide to minting tokens here.

About The Tracer Voyage

The Tracer Voyage will serve as a guided tour of each of the novel use cases Perpetual Pools V2 enables. Before we arrive at our final destination - the official launch of Perpetual Pools V2 - we will drop anchor along the way to explore some of the exciting use cases.

On our journey towards the future, we are showing off the new world we have built. A world where any governance token can be used to take positions or hedge; where you can create custom, diversified portfolios represented by a single token; and where liquidations have been cured. Only with Tracer will you be able to trade the “Flippening”, get exposure to Cryptopunks and hedge your exposure to oil all on a single platform.

At the conclusion of The Tracer Voyage, we will push out the full release of Perpetual Pools V2 along with our Indices and Factory interfaces to let the Cambrian explosion of new markets commence.

Where to next?

Following our first stop, we’ll bring you along for the journey as we explore several other use-cases of Tracer. Will it be venturing into the lands of exotic collateral? Or will we find ourselves trading real world assets or NFT markets? Stay tuned via Twitter to find out where the Voyage takes you next.

Why join The Tracer Voyage

By joining The Tracer Voyage you can share in over 6.3 million TCR rewards. You’ll also be working your way towards an exclusive NFT. Each week TCR emissions will be used to reward our first voyagers, with enhanced emissions directed to the focus market of that destination.

The Voyage NFT

Qualify for the Voyage NFT by participating in The Voyage each week. Simply take a long or short position in the market(s) of the week, read the official related article(s) released each week, and complete a weekly quiz to collect a POAP. If you collect a majority of the POAPs by the end of the Tracer Voyage, you’ll be airdropped the Tracer Voyage NFT. The Voyage NFT is an indication of your interest and dedication to Tracer’s PPV2, and these NFTs might just be tied to further benefits down the track - more on this to come.

How to Participate in the Voyage

There will be several unique destinations that we stop off at during the Voyage; but each time we drop anchor there are a few common activities you should complete.

  1. Read that destination’s official Tracer Voyage article - it will reveal to you the secrets and power of the focus market of that destination. Week 1 is here.
  2. Complete the short quiz on the article to be eligible to receive your POAP. The quiz link will be at the bottom of the article under the “For the Voyagers” heading.
  3. Take a long or short position in the focus market of that destination using the Perpetual Pools V2 beta interface. This combined with Step 2 above will enable you to receive that destination’s POAP.
  4. Stake your long or short tokens on the Tracer “Stake” page to earn TCR rewards.
  5. Tell your friends!

Don’t forget, you’ll need to collect a majority the Voyage POAPs to be eligible for The Tracer NFT drop at the end of the journey!


What’s Possible With Perpetual Pools V2

Is the merge making you bullish on ETH?

Go long without worrying about timing your entry perfectly or short term volatility triggering a liquidation.

Mad that you were late to the party on Cryptopunks?

Get the Cryptopunk exposure you desire without needing to wrangle up ~50 ETH.

Do you believe that ETH will flip BTC one day or are you sure BTC will maintain dominance?

Take a position which ignores the volatility and cyclicality of the aggregate market by trading your belief using a ‘Flippening’ market which bets on the relative market capitalisation of ETH and BTC.

Do you want exposure to a group of tokens but are sick of having to manage multiple positions?

Create an index products which gives you exposure to the assets you’re most bullish on.

Long time OHMie looking for some more utility from the decentralized reserve currency of the future?

Gain some exposure to another asset using gOHM as settlement collateral.

Worried about inflation?

Hedge your risk by going long gold with an XAU market.

These are just some of the exciting ways you can use the proof-of-concept markets. Imagine what else is possible.

About Perpetual Pools

Tracer’s Perpetual Pools V1 contracts have been live since September 2021 allowing the creation of long-term leveraged tokens which provide the ability to hedge downside risk, or speculate with leverage without the fear of liquidation or the need to maintain a margin account. Since launching, the contracts have handled over $500M in primary market volume and had a peak TVL of over $50M all with zero exploits, security incidents or positions liquidated.

V2 brings to the fray a series of improvements targeted at minimising the impacts of volatility decay and unlocks the ability for users to permissionlessly create new exotic markets, using any available price feed, that can settle in any token, without writing a single line of code via our factory interface.

The ability to permissionlessly deploy any market, on any Chainlink oracle feed using any ERC20 as settlement will be pushed out during a later release at the completion of this initial launch marketing campaign.

Bon voyage, Tracers!


Tracer Perpetual Pools V1 is currently live on Arbitrum One. Fully fungible, leveraged tokens for the DeFi economy, with no margin requirements and no liquidations.Read more

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