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Staking Pool Tokens Guide

A step-by-step on using the Perpetual Pools interface to stake pool tokens

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EDITS: The following guide has been updated to reflect the changes live on Perpetual Pools V2.


With Tracer's Perpetual Pools, fully-fungible, tokenised leveraged positions can be minted, making your access to leverage simple, transparent and easy. These ERC20s can be used anywhere in the DeFi economy; and the tokens can also be staked in Tracer's staking contract to earn TCR rewards.

In this short guide, we'll be taking a look at how you can stake pool tokens in the Perpetual Pools interface.

Staking Pool Tokens

Step 1: Claim your Pool Tokens to your wallet

After you mint a position, your leveraged tokens will by default appear on the portfolio page; not in your wallet. In order to stake your tokens, you will first need to make sure they are in your wallet.

To view the tokens you have sitting in escrow, navigate to the “Portfolio” page on the Tracer dApp. The window will look similar to the below:


To move your pool tokens out of escrow and into your wallet, click the ‘Claim All’ button and approve the transaction.

The tokens will then be sent to the wallet you are connected to the Tracer dApp with.

To make sure the tokens are visible in your wallet select the three dots and then click “Add token to wallet”.


Step 2: Find the Staking Page

Now that your tokens are in your wallet; you are ready to stake them!

Go to the 'Stake' page in the Perpetual Pools interface. Once you're there you'll see a list of pool tokens that can be staked and their respective APR’s. Only pool tokens that you've got in your wallet will have the 'Stake' button highlighted.

Step 3: Stake!

Choose 'Stake' on right-hand side of the interface. You'll then be prompted to enter the amount of tokens you'd like to stake. Select 'Max' to stake all of your pool tokens. Accept the MetaMask prompts and your pool tokens will be staked.

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Stake Balancer Pool Tokens

Pool tokens can also be staked into Liquidity Pools on Balancer’s AMM. People who provide liquidity to these pools assist the functionality of the secondary markets for our leveraged tokens.

As a reward for providing this service, liquidity providers (LP’s) can earn TCR, BAL and swap fees. Follow the steps below to learn how to provide liquidity.

Note: Liquidity providers are exposed to a risk known as Impermanent Loss. To learn more about Impermanent Loss you can start here.

Step 1: Navigate to the Invest Page on Balancer (Arbitrum)

You can go to Balancer’s dApp using this link.

Step 2: Find the pool you wish to provide liquidity to

Down the bottom of the ‘Invest’ tab is a list of the pools on Balancer Arbitrum which you can provide liquidity into.

Look for the pools which contain Tracer leveraged tokens and click on them.

Step 3: Add liquidity to the pool

If you have eligible tokens in your wallet; Balancer’s dApp will let you know. You can then click invest and follow the prompts to add liquidity to the pool. In exchange you will receive LP tokens which represent your position in the pool.


Step 4: Stake to earn rewards

Directly below the “Invest” button is the “Staking incentives” menu. Click the drop down box to reveal the following window and it will look something like the below:


If you have LP tokens in your wallet the “Stake” button will be highlighted. Click the button and follow the prompts on MetaMask to start staking your LP position and earning BAL and TCR incentives in addition to swap fees.

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