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Remote Procedure Call - Creating an RPC

How to Create a Custom RPC in Metamask


What are RPCs?

A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is an API which allows developers to communicate to a blockchain node in order to remotely execute code. Therefore, nodes must use RPCs when it comes to the communicating in the world of crypto and blockchain. RPC's are essential to enable our application to function correctly. Without the possibility to send an RPC call, dApps will not be able to interact with the blockchain of our choice.

Sometimes the public Arbitrum RPC causes applications running on it to load slowly. This will occasionally cause slow load times using Perpetual Pools. These issues are being ironed out, in the meantime the Tracer team have created this tutorial to help our user create a smoother experience when using the Layer 2 network.

Watch Video - Creating a custom RPC for Arbitrum

Steps to create an RPC

Before you begin, make sure you have added Arbitrum One to Metamask. See this link if you have not yet done this.

  1. Head over to and create a free account.

  2. Select Ethereum+L2 as the ecosystem (top-left side of screen)

  3. Now, click + Create app.

  4. Give your app name and description and ensure you select Arbitrum Mainnet as the network.

  5. Next, select VIEW DETAILS on the application you just created.

  6. Select VIEW KEY and Copy the HTTP link. You will need this for Metamask.

  7. On MetaMask, switch the network to Arbitrum One (Mainnet).

  8. Now you will need to navigate to Metamask settings. Select on the account drop down and select Settings.


  1. Select Networks' then select Arbitrum One.

  2. Paste the copied HTTP link to replace the existing New RPPC URL. Select Save.

Congratulations! You have just added a custom RPC to Metamask!

For more information on creating Custom RPC's on Alchemy, visit

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