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Perpetual Punk Tokens

Getting Exposure to Bluechip NFT's


Punk Tokens are Coming…

Go long or short with the world's first tokenized synthetic CryptoPunks 😱

Today we are excited to announce Perpetual PUNK tokens, the world’s best way to get leveraged exposure to CryptoPunks.

Perpetual PUNK Tokens make it dead simple to get this exposure to the world's most valuable NFT's. You’ll be able to mint up to 10x leveraged Perpetual PUNK tokens, either short or long; and then trade them in your favourite exchange like Balancer or Uniswap.

Bullish on punks? Buy and hold Long PUNK Tokens.

Think punks are stupid overpriced jpegs? Buy and hold Short PUNK Tokens.

Want additional leverage? Crank your long up from 1x to 10x.

Since they leverage Tracer’s V2 protocol, PUNK Tokens can be held for the long term - Perpetually!

Get exposure to the world's first blue chip NFT project with Tracer DAO’s Punk Index

Perpetual PUNK Tokens allow easy access to the CryptoPunk market, without having to be concerned with individual Punk properties. This is achieved by aggregating Punk market prices and forming an index that is difficult to manipulate. The pricing methodology will be open-sourced closer to launch.

Simple, broad Cryptopunk exposure.

When token?

Perpetual PUNK Tokens are coming this March shortly after Tracer’s V2 Launch. 👀 You shouldn’t have to own a punk to get exposure to Punks.

First Punks, then the Metaverse

Interested in taking a position on Punks vs Apes? Which PFP project will have the higher floor price at the end of 2022?

Following the release of the Punk Index, Tracer will soon have Perpetual APE Tokens in the crosshairs.

Tracer’s tokenized perpetual pools enable speculators and PFP believers to take out generalized long or short positions on their favorite NFT projects, from Apes to Axies, and Cats to Pengus.

With Tracer’s Perpetual Pools, any NFT project can be turned into a Long or Short token that you can hold in your wallet.

Tracer’s dream is to open up new financial markets that combine all components of the digital future. With open and permissionless creation of financial markets, Tracer is positioned to roll out exotic and creative markets that allow for the full market expression of the various communities found all across Web3 and the Metaverse.

Get ready for as much or as little CryptoPunk exposure as you like, because Punks are just the Start 🚀

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Tracer Perpetual Pools V1 is currently live on Arbitrum One. Fully fungible, leveraged tokens for the DeFi economy, with no margin requirements and no liquidations.Read more

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