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Lion’s Mane Partnership

Lion’s Mane to build Tracer’s Financial Ecosystem

As of 28 June 2021, Lion’s Mane rebranded to Mycelium._

Tracer announces the first in a series of partnerships helping build secure railroads for the future of financial transactions.

Lion's Mane published an offer on GitHub on Jan-27-2021, and was subsequently engaged by Tracer DAO via a successful proposal, on Feb-10-2021 01:22:11 AM +UTC.

For the Tracer Ecosystem, Lion’s Mane will be:

  • Developing financial contracts, visualisation, and any development tooling;
  • Driving communication and marketing efforts;
  • Inventing new and optimised financial contracts and tools; and
  • Engaging with and supporting any community efforts.

Lion's Mane is a pride of hackers, crypto-economists and open-source ideologues building technology to support freedom of the individual. The financial system is ripe for disruption and the Lion’s Mane team believe that this will occur at the infrastructure level. They believe that peer-to-peer decentralised finance contracts will be the most efficient way financial transactions will be conducted at a global scale in the near future. With this vision, they wish for Tracer to be the primary open-source financial protocol that is used by anybody with a connection to the internet.

Lion's Mane coordinates their actions so other network participants and governors can operate as efficiently as possible. To build a financial system that replaces the old one, all ecosystem and network efforts must be executed in an open and efficient environment - including the underlying code. Lion’s Mane is committed to preserving this environment of transparency in its work with the Tracer community.

The Lion’s Mane team strive for the reduction of transaction costs within financial systems and for the eradication of information asymmetries. This philosophy drives their software development and communication efforts. Cheap, optimised and fair financial smart contracts are the product of this way of thinking.

Members of the Lion's Mane team have been involved in building prediction markets, oracle infrastructure, insurance contracts and data oracles since 2015.

You can follow Lion's Mane on Twitter or visit their site.


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