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Tracer’s Future Partners

Help Tracer build secure railroads for the future of financial transactions

Tracer is set to define the future of financial infrastructure. It intends to provide unprecedented financial access and agency to people all over the world. By utilising Web3 technology - and leveraging the innate value of blockchain technology such as 100% availability, automation, instant settlement and transparency - Tracer will play an influential role in the next century of finance.

Tracer has been deployed on Ethereum. Currently, Ethereum is the longest running Turing-complete blockchain, with the highest levels of security and unstoppable code. Capturing almost 70% of all stablecoin supply, Ethereum has seen ~9M ETH locked in decenteralised finance (DeFi). On Ethereum, Tracer can maximise the total addressable market of DeFi with better tooling, composability and guaranteed security of the protocol.

Ethereum has network effect. It has lured the brightest minds in the fields of cryptography, software development and economics. The mission of this decentralised collective is to provide people with self custody, censorship protection, and sovereignty over hard cap assets and hard cap money. It is for this reason, that Ethereum is the best blockchain for Tracer.

Scalability is an issue at the forefront of the Ethereum community’s agenda with L2 (layer 2) solutions going live. Eth2 (Ethereum 2.0) initiatives are also underway, with the sharding promising to decongest the in demand network. Tracer will walk hand in hand with Ethereum’s progress and help power the world’s computer.

Tracer DAO is actively seeking companies, individuals and organisations to provide services, including, but not limited to:

  • the highest quality code and smart contract design;

  • reliable security audits;

  • deep economic analysis;

  • innovative governance mechanisms;

  • layer 1 and 2 research for scalability and security;

  • user experience design or improvements;

  • community management;

  • marketing and outreach initiatives; and

  • branding and content.

Proposals can be submitted by Tracer DAO Governors and voted for by those who govern. In a series of announcements, Tracer DAO will share the companies successfully selected to fulfil these functions and deliver on the vision of peer-to-peer finance.

Be sure to check in here regularly, hang out with us in the Discord, get updates on Twitter, learn more about the activity of Governance on Discourse and go deep with us on GitHub.

Join us, and build secure railroads for the future of financial transactions.


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