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Flex Dapp$ Partnership

Flex Dapp$ to enhance the experience for users of Tracer

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." - Albert Einstein

Fortunately for Tracer, Flex Dapp$ are your neighbourhood-friendly, tenacious money builders. Self professed nerds since their early years, the team at Flex Dapp$ have been building Web3 experiences for a host of reputable protocols and projects.

Some of those include: Lighthouse, LinkSwap, PerlinX, Blocknative, mStable, Maple Finance, and Chainflip.

Sharp of wit and quick of tongue, the team at Flex Dapp$ always keep it real while holding themselves and their partners to account with the mission to provide world-class, open-source software for the age of Web3.

On 5 May 2021, Tracer DAO received a Proposal to collaborate with Flex Dapp$ as a Service Provider. On 20 May 2021, an amended Proposal successfully passed a vote by Tracer DAO Governors, to make the partnership official.

The collaboration is focused on the following two deliverables:

  • Developing a Keeper Liquidations Bot, which interfaces with the Tracer Perpetual Swaps marketplace to liquidate under-margin positions; and
  • Building a front-end for Tracer DAO governance, which conforms to the existing Tracer style guide and introduces the functionality to resolve current and past proposals, vote on current proposals, and create new proposals, for all TCR token holders.

Tracer DAO is excited to collaborate with Flex Dapp$, and continue to build world-class, open-source software. You can follow Flex Dapp$ on Twitter or visit their site (but be warned, you might just love it).


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