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EPNS Integration

Instant Push Notifications to Improve Tracer DAO Efficiency

EPNS Integration

In today's age, push notifications have become an incredibly powerful tool for businesses and applications. They enhance a business' ability to capture a user's attention, encourage action and increase engagement. Just as the demand for push notifications has become prominent in the traditional sense, there is a growing need for these notifications within the decentralised ecosystem.

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) is a protocol for blockchain-based notifications that is both platform agnostic and incentivised. EPNS initially proposed an integration with Tracer DAO on 1 June 2021 for governance, product and community based notifications. Tracer DAO will be looking to integrate a number of notifications under these categories, the first being 'governance'.

The key to distributed decision-making through a DAO is operational efficiency. This is achieved through clear communication and proactive contributors. Tracer DAO welcomes innovative tools to support the democratic decision-making required to power the financial infrastructure of the future and is pleased to announce EPNS as a Service Provider to help achieve this. Historically, participation in network governance has been hindered by fragmented discussion in voting channels. Instant notifications for governors will maintain active participance in Tracer DAO and ensure proposals are voted on and discussed in a timely manner. At a high level, Tracer DAO will leverage EPNS for a variety of use-cases:

  1. Notify Tracer DAO governors/community members when a new proposal is uploaded to Snapshot;
  2. Notify Tracer DAO governors/community members when a Snapshot proposal has passed; and
  3. Notify Tracer DAO governors/community members when a proposal has been implemented and passed on-chain.

The implementation of EPNS in Tracer DAO's ecosystem will establish a direct channel from governance activity to governors. All notifications are sent directly to the wallets of governors, where immediate action is taken.

EPNS frontend

"By leveraging EPNS, Tracer DAO members will be able to remain active in governing the protocol - ensuring that they do not miss a beat. Tracer DAO’s vision of democratic decision-making that supports the evolution of the next financial system will greatly benefit from EPNS technology." Patrick McNab, a contributor of Tracer DAO.

In the near future, EPNS will provide value beyond the governance of Tracer DAO. For instance, users of Tracer's Perpetual Swaps can be pushed with notifications such as market order status and margin accounts nearing liquidation. Additionally, members of the community will be notified for upcoming community calls and events. Moreover, Tracer DAO plans to adapt the highly customisable EPNS protocol features to meet the various push notification needs of Tracer's future products.

Tracer DAO welcomes this innovative integration and will continue to create more streamlined processes for governors, community members and users alike.

2022 UPDATE:

  • Check out the EPNS User flow for TracerDAO in this video
  • Listen to the deep dive into the EPNS Integration in this AMA
  • You can follow EPNS on Twitter or visit their site
  • Check in here regularly for more thought pieces and announcements, hang out with us in the Discord and get updates on Twitter

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