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Bug Bounty: Immunefi

Audit the Perpetual Pools codebase.


Tracer DAO is partnering with Immunefi to run a bug bounty program; and we’d like to invite you to participate, giving you the chance to earn USDC.

This bounty program is essentially an open call to individuals to research, discover and flag potential vulnerabilities in Tracer Perpetual Pools' smart contracts – keeping the community and protocol safe, while getting paid.

Immunefi is a trusted bug bounty platform for smart contracts and DeFi projects. Code is reviewed, vulnerabilities are disclosed, bug hunters are paid and crypto’s unrivalled security is further strengthened.

With Immunefi's help, Tracer DAO aims to discover, disclose, mitigate and eliminate any potential security risks within its smart contracts. The bug bounty program is focused on smart contracts and is primarily concerned with preventing loss of user funds and system deadlocking.

There’s no single reward rate for bugs found – the bugs lodged are sorted according to threat level and rewards are distributed based on the Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Classification system. You can find more information and details on how this classification scaling works in the Immunefi documentation here: Below is the reward schedule according to the level of the vulnerability found:

Critical: Up to $1,000,000 USDC;

High: $50,000 USDC;

Medium: $10,000 USDC; and

Low: $1,000 USDC.


The scope of the bug bounty is discussed extensively in the following document: Primarily, the bug bounty scope is looking for the following things:

  • Loss of user funds;
  • Deadlocking of system; and
  • Contract failures (where no loss of value necessarily occurs).

These are the key bugs in which we are interested in discovering. However, there are additional vulnerabilities in which Tracer DAO is interested in receiving. Those who flag these bugs will be rewarded accordingly.


Security is one of the guiding principles in our community and we want you to know that it is our promise to continue strengthening our security through various community actions and development – and this is all made possible by you, so don't wait to get involved: Join the Tracer Discord to talk with the team.


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